EP 03 From MBA to Startup

March 16, 2020



In this episode, Chelsey Chenoweth and Dianna Klein talk about their background and how they got into business with Dr. Stockwell. She is one of the foremost leaders in invasive technology, surgery machines, and high tech robotic technology. 


From former MBA students, they quickly devoted themselves to Dr. Stockwell’s company after attending a gathering where they learned all about Dr. Stockwell’s prenatal vitamin. Dianna found herself inspired by the group of women, doctors, pilots and political campaigners who supported each other’s products and ideas. 


Doctor Stockwell's is a company founded by women and aims to empower women to make positive health choices. Chelsey and Dianna believe that honesty is crucial in a brand and that’s what they feel whenever they work with Dr. Stockwell. Their aim for the company is to expand and continue the brand in the future in service of all stages of a woman’s life. 



About Be Well with Dr. Stockwell

Empowering women to make healthy choices that positively impact their lives. Approaching health and wellness with the understanding that every individual is unique, therefore, healthcare solutions should be unique too.Brought to you by Doctor Stockwell’s, a Las Vegas-based nutraceutical company.



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