EP 02 The Why Behind the Formula

February 17, 2020


In this episode, Dr. Stockwell talks about the “why” behind the formula! She shares with us her thought process behind the ingredients she chose for her product, a powdered prenatal vitamin that can be poured into a drink. Dr. Stockwell talks about how she conducted her own exploration on prenatal vitamins and was in OB GYN training during that time, so she knew the importance of nutrients in the early stages of pregnancy. 


She wanted to create a product that could apply to everyone and contains all of the recommended nutrition for prenatal vitamins such as Folic Acid, Iron, and other typical vitamins required for a healthy pregnancy. Dr. Stockwell wanted to incorporate ingredients that are versatile and that are convenient when it comes to getting the daily vitamins and nutrients needed for prenatal stages. 


About Be Well with Dr. Stockwell

Empowering women to make healthy choices that positively impact their lives. Approaching health and wellness with the understanding that every individual is unique, therefore, healthcare solutions should be unique too.Brought to you by Doctor Stockwell’s, a Las Vegas-based nutraceutical company.



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