Tune In To Our Podcast Be Well with Doctor Stockwell!

January 20, 2020


We Have Officially Launched!


A podcast empowering women to make healthy choices that positively impact their lives. Approaching health and wellness with the understanding that every individual is unique, therefore, healthcare solutions should be unique, too.



Who Is This Podcast For?

💜 Women/Couples beginning the pregnancy journey

💜 Women looking for unique solutions to achieve a comfortable pregnancy

💜 People seeking in-depth advice on health, pregnancy, and more 



The Value You'll Get...

💜 Women empowerment through unique healthcare solutions

💜 An easy approach to pregnancy and prenatal care

💜 Health tips directly from Dr. Erica Stockwell OB/GYN and her team


Tune in to New Episodes Every Month on the 20th! Hosted by Dr. Erica Stockwell OB/GYN and the Doctor Stockwell's Prenatal Vitamins Team! 



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