EP 01 The Story of Stockwell Medical with Dr. Erica Stockwell

January 20, 2020




In this episode, Dr. Stockwell shares with us the story of Stockwell Medical, how it all started, and what inspired her to create her own company and be of service to other people.


She talks about how she grew up with parents who influenced her to volunteer in nursing homes and hospitals. As she saw the value of helping others, she knew right away that she wanted to be in that industry. She went to college for biomedical engineering, rotated through different fields of medicine, and eventually studied to become an OB-GYN. She saw this as her calling and her motivation to create an impact and influence change in people’s lives. 


Dr. Stockwell plans to expand and provide supplements for women across the different life stages; from fertility to pregnancy postpartum, to general health, wellness and menopause. Dr. Stockwell aims to empower women to make healthy choices and live a positive life with the help of nutraceuticals.



About Be Well with Dr. Stockwell

Empowering women to make healthy choices that positively impact their lives. Approaching health and wellness with the understanding that every individual is unique, therefore, healthcare solutions should be unique too.Brought to you by Doctor Stockwell’s, a Las Vegas-based nutraceutical company.


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